Welcome to Wirral’s high quality authentic and ethical belly dance school - established 2012

 Blue lotus belly dance group a.k.a Wirral belly dancing was created by Tara belly dance in 2012 for her dance classes that she started on the Wirral when there was a lack of classes in the area. She was invited to teach by people who liked her performance and teaching styles who had attended her introduction workshops in Merseyside or had attended events that she performed at. 

At Blue lotus we specialise in putting the dance first so that students have an overall positive learning experience from attending sessions with us. Culture technique art ethics community and teaching safe movement with wellbeing benefits in a community dance setting is what we pride ourselves on. Under the umbrellas of belly dance and its many styles and community dance we encourage all to be part of dance regardless of age race disability or ability gender sexuality ethnicity maternity status or religion / spiritual beliefs etc we have been an inclusive base since our dance school opened our doors. We hold workshops open to all genders and Women’s circles. We invite you on a journey into belly dance on its many paths and we continue to encourage and support our intermediate students on their own path into performance and / or teaching creating and dancing. Unlike certain dance schools we always credit our students for their work and encourage and support their growth. We are happy for our students to come and go as they please but we encourage and support members who want to co-create alongside us and those who want to benefit from our performance opportunities at haflas (belly dance performance parties) and events. 

Blue lotus has a student amateur group by the same name who perform a mix of classic theatrical and fusion belly dance. With a mix of wonderfully skilled and talented dancers of mixed abilities from intermediate to semi and professional.

Get ready to be taken on a journey into the Egyptian flower the blue lotus! You may see our spectacular shows at local festivals events and restaurants. Contact us to book performances. 

Facilitated and artistically directed by Tara professional performer and teacher of belly dance, Yoga teacher, Space holder. Holistic beauty therapist fashion & photography Makeup artist healer and creator. Tara has a long list of clients she has served over the past fifteen years and has been featured on radio tv and printed publications. At Blue lotus we support the large belly dance community in northwest and further afield. 

Blue lotus belly dance performers are on a hiatus right now but the blue lotus we are still but there is a lot going on under the service! Watch this space 

Coming soon … Wirral belly dancing classes with new teachers from blue lotus. Register an interest